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Important condition to being a social media manager: 1000 followers on Twitter

A few weeks ago I tweeted: New rule: if you want to be a social media manager, get 1000 Twitter followers first. The experience is rewarding, esp if you do it well. If your organisation is looking to hire someone to run your social media presence, I recommend, among your requirements and qualifications, that you […]

What the non-profit sector could learn from the tech boom & bust

When the “tech boom” hit (aka “Dot-com bubble”), tonnes of money propelled tech companies to new heights of possibilities, even companies that didn’t exist yet. Hoping to capitalize on a pool of investment with few strings attached, creative techies coalesced to hammer out prototypes, proofs of concept, or even mere business plans. When the tech […]

The “Potatoes” approach to organising events

Organising an event can be daunting. The sky’s the limit, there’s an empty canvas, anything and everything is on the table. There are a lot of tasks to complete, material to develop and people to pull in a hundred directions. Inevitably I see events being organised that require too much resources, time, effort, for very […]

Tips for when you’re starting that new job

Starting a new job in an office? Great! Here’s some advice I give to friends: Meet everyone you can on your floor.  And why not? It’s your first day. Too shy? The introvertive type? Get it done, out of the way. Rehearse the first few lines. Find out if they work for your boss, or […]

What is Gov 2.0?

Today I attended the inaugural “Gov 2.0 Meetup” presentation, taking place at City Hall. This is a summary of my reflections. Gov 2.0 is not Government use of Social media; The event’s speaker, Wayne Chu, Research Manager at Samara Canada presented what amounted to be a preview to a research paper to be released next month from Samara about political […]

Cuts to federal public service has the potential of actually improving how government works

Subtitle: What if 10% in cuts mean a public service that is 10% more collaborative and innovative? Let me get into a very touchy topic for public servants: their jobs. It’s not a popular point to make that so many public servants need to be employed to the work of government. Isn’t there room for […]

President of the Treasury Board gives no sign of unblocking internet access for public servants

Yesterday, Treasury Board President and Member of Parliament Honorable Tony Clement spoke yesterday about Open government, open data and and open dialogue at a Third Tuesday event in Ottawa. This page has a great summary of the event. Clement is very knowledgeable about innovation, technology and open government, and certainly demonstrated it.  He underlined the importance of having a “productive, efficient […]

The tech industry has something to learn from Jerry Yang’s departure from Yahoo

I always find it interesting to follow the development tech companies. More than any other sector, the tech sector is a microcosm of accelerated time; you can witness their growth, assimilation and death within a matter of years, months even. It’s hard to write the case studies because before you think you’re beyond the shadow […]

Federal Liberal Party’s big leadership selection gamble

I was surprised to read that Canada’s 3rd largest political federal party, the Liberal Party of Canada, has opened the voting of its next leader to non-members. Although the party risks being completely infiltrated by any organised group, the real risk lies in the party trading in any respectful leadership selection for modest increase in […]

How relevant is the Occupy Wall Street movement to Canada?

Last Friday I participated in a “General Assembly” for the Occupy Toronto demo happening on Saturday. Discussions and debate led late into the night about political theories and the relevance of capitalism. All throughout I kept wondering; How is this relevant to Canada? It isn’t. Let me tell you why.