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Update: GoC’s shared services

Here is a short update about my previous post about GoC’s shared services: @MarkNca posted a great reply post that you should check out; The post was re-published on the PSLeader group blog, albeit without comments and a more politically-correct title; Some great comments were posted on the blog post, all of which were enlightening; […]

GoC Web 2.0 wish list for 2011 (Part 1)

This is part 1 of a 3-part series. A year and a half ago I posted “GoC Web 2.0 wish list“. The responses from the post were awesome, especially responses I received in person. Although I’m reluctant to look at that list again, fearing many of the wishes hadn’t come true, I think it’s still a […]

Public Servant Volunteer Day

Did you know every* public servant in the federal government gets a “Volunteer day”? A day that they can use for…volunteering. In the community. For a worthy cause. Support a non-profit. Fundraising for a charity. You know. Of the many public servants I have met, very few actually used the day for its intended purpose […]

Forming a Modern Community in Government

As the Government of Canada’s Web 2.0 Practitioner (“#W2P“) community approaches it’s 1st year anniversary, I thought I would share the early days of the formation of this community. Nearly a year ago, community was formed with a full-day free event for Government of Canada Web 2.0 Practitioners (event video summary on GCPEDIA here). The event […]

The Day Public Servants United to Showcase their Workspaces! Over Twitter!

Federal public servants on Twitter came together to do something special leading up to National Public Service Week (NPSW). Many federal public servants who use Twitter connect to each other via the “#W2P” hashtag. A lot of the activity on that hashtag includes public servants soliciting views for GCPEDIA wiki pages, sharing sources of information, […]

Do cash incentives work in the public service?

If you’re tuned in to the federal public service in Ottawa, no doubt you’ve come across this piece in the Ottawa Citizen about Minister Day’s project “encourag[ing] all employees to identify more efficient ways to deliver services to Canadians within their departments” by offering “the individual or team of workers who come up with the best […]

An idea for GoC’s National Public Service Week

National Public Service Week has come for the public servants of the Government of Canada. Many departments are celebrating their employees by throwing Bar-B-Qs, cake-cutting, award-giving and other stuff. I have a few ideas I’ve been pitching around. Failing to get them to stick, I’m here sharing them with you.