Now, in Toronto

My friend Louis visits me in Toronto

Last month, after 4 years in the Federal Government of Canada, I packed up and moved to Toronto, in search of change and new horizons, and to join friends and family.

I’m also happy to join the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants as their Online Capacity Development Facilitator. I am very excited about the position, as it applies my skills in technology, my interest in immigration & settlement sector, and my experience with Web 2.0/Collaborative tools. This position also brings me back to my public sector roots: before my position in the Canada School of Public Service as a Research Analyst, I was a policy analyst on Foreign Credential Recognition at HRSDC, and before that I worked at Citizenship & Immigration Canada.

I’m in 2 teams, the Capacity Development team and the IT/New Media team, applying technology and tool development to support the organisation’s capacity development work. I certainly have a lot on my plate, but the work is important, interesting and fast-changing. I’m excited.

But also, I’m a big city kind of guy, and Toronto is my kind of city.

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