Web 2.0 Practitioners group (#W2P)

web-2.0-practitioners-groupIf you’re a long-time reader, you know I can’t blog about my work, as I won’t blog with information privileged to my work.

A little over a week ago our group organised a successful Web 2.0 Practitioners Event. Well attended, with Web 2.0 practitioners across government well engaged, sharing, collaborating, openly and all that pizzazz. I posted an inocuous post with a link to information about the event, that only Government of Canada employees can access. Until today, I don’t think I could blog about it. But I can do something else. I can write about what someone else publicly wrote about it.

Anna Bélanger, Senior Advisor to the CIO at NRCan recently posted the blog entry “#W2P” on GTEC‘s blog about the event. I think this is a great thing. Not only does her post share among public servants some of the great things the public service is doing internally, it also makes available to the public some of the great things happening inside of government for practitioners to network, to meet, and find solutions to the common problems they have. Anna’s post also helps others at the fringes of government find out about the event, and the community that’s being created. Anna’s post also serves to promote some of the excellent work by a “small team with a big vision” at the Canada School of Public Service. I don’t know if I can say which group, but I’m sure they bring together the best practices from across government using the best means possible.

Anna also mentions how an innovative tool was used as a “back channel” dialogue at the event. To set the guidelines and direction for the use of twitter at the event, I invited everyone’s favourite Government of Canada blogger and twitterer Nick Charney on-board.  Ian Capstick of the MediaStyle blog mentioned Nick’s use of twitter to “[provide] the context and introduction to tweeting at a recent government event” . You can follow the on-going tweeting using the #W2P hashtag of the event here.

I would love to mention more, but I may have to wait for others to do it first so I can comment on that. I have so much more to share. Wish I could. For now I suggest you follow me on Twitter.

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